Atlanta BodyPaint Weekend #PaintWknd

IceCream & WarPaint (April 30) Presented in association with Caribbean Life TV

BodyPaint Weekend - Presented by Big 40
About Atlanta BodyPaint Weekend
Exhibit-styled BodyPaint weekend events.
Interactive, socially inclined, camera device friendly, environment with LIVE model gallery. Small format events where experimental & new design concepts are tested before appearing in the large-scale shows. It gives the attendees a chance to casually observe facets of creative processes.
From time to time there will be live performers, and guest artists (painters) who will participate, as well as opportunities for attendees to be painted at the events.
(Before You Buy)   Admission & Access
Attendees must be adult aged to enter. (Needless to say) Must be 21 or older to consume alcohol beverages in Atlanta. This is not a snob event, but attendees should prioritize respectability over 'comfort' (if not equally) in their choice of attire. In the end, entry is at our discretion. As long as you dress like you care about yourself, you should be fine.

* Group discounts are automatic
These clips (and more) can be found in our Vero social media account.