Hotline: {678} 8-BIG40-5 | 678'824'4405
August 25-27
Ramada Plaza Hotel
Just 1 mile from ATL airport
We bring you a weekend long pajama jam complete with live performances, parties, showcases & inclusive activities!
Reservation covers 2 night stay, breakfast, lunch buffet & access to all areas, events & activities
Theres a full schedule of events & activities.
Some are simultaneous. Do what you like.
Poolside PJs parties
Live performances & showcases
Activities from AM to PM
Slumber party
PillowFight Room open 24/7
Live DJs
Intros & social mixer
Comedy show
Pros in PJs network mixer
Male revue / Female revue
Fashion show
The List Goes On & On...
Reservations start at $175/person The full price breakdown & details are found in the event shop.
Drink buckets and tubs are also available as add-ons for those who intend to ball out. Check em out!
We intend to keep you turnt up, so we have associations to provide you with massages, hookah, bodypaint, henna, makeup services, tattoos,... and more.
A lot of these are included in PREMIUM TIER in one way or another.
The Ramada Plaza Hotel sits on a strip with other shopping plazas, hotels and motels. Once its maxed out, we'll have to get you in at one of the nearby hotels. You’ll be contacted before proceeding, but its a good reason to .
It doesnt really matter where you’re coming from. What matters most = BEING THERE
Plush Experience
Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference.
When youre ready for a timeout from the action (or during), you will have options available to make it quality self time or with friends. For instance, when you're ready for a massage poolside, there will be someone to cater to that need. Want to get a makeup specialist to hook you up before the next jam or just because you can? We got you covered. Want to get some henna while you relax, or get bodypainted while youre in the moment? How about getting inked so you can have a special tat to complete the experience? These things and more will be available to you at Atlanta Pajama Jam Weekend.
Here is what we have scheduled so far
For all the new arrivals we'll be warming up in the afternoon at the indoor pool with the Poolside Turn Up, also known as Jammies By The Pool. This is where the partying begins and you can find out all you need to know about the weekend, including the full schedule of events. While you're here you can also have the pleasure of some of the side indulgences like being bodypainted, henna, massage, get your makeup touched up by a glam squad, get inked up (tattoo) and whatever other treats are provided by our vendors. Of course the bar will be open too. As will the PillowFight Room, where the same will be available, just in a different setting which will be accessible 24/7. Of course theres more. The Lingerie Soiree next up now that you should be fully turnt. It contains a socially inclusive vibe which is just right for introductions & meeting new people. To help you further we'll have wingmen/women on hand who you can always reach out to in order to assist you with making new connections. There will be a best lingerie contest thrown in there along with the comedy show and DJ party. We may throw more in there, but afterward you can accompany your new friends to the pool or get ready for the Slumber Pary in the PillowFight Room. We may give people turns at telling erotic bedtime stories & poetry. There may be prizes involved. Bring your A-game. Its your choice. At this time we're negotiating terms for a Midnight Munchies event. Our schedule of events goes officially until 3am, so this will keep you going or... give you the 'itis'.
Jammies by the Poolside starts at noon and the PillowFight Room is still open. In the afternoon we've unofficially scheduled 2hrs of downtime to let some people catch up, but there will be a Pros in PJs networking mixer, so if you're a professional who is interested in possibly making some new biz connections even though youre in your sleepwear... why not? The Fashion Show immediately follows and the pool is reopened again. Then Theres the live performances and DJ Party. And, of course, the Male and Female Reviews. One may come right after the other, or they may be taking place at the same time in different areas. Yes, the bar will be open during the events and activities and the vendors will be on hand to cater to your indulgences. At this time we're negotiating terms for a Midnight Munchies event. Our schedule of events goes officially until 3am, so this will keep you going or... give you the 'itis'.
Sunday is the send-off day. The hotel's official checkout time is 12pm. This is why we squeeze so much into the schedule. And we hope to see you again the next time around.
  • The overall weekend of events is designed and scheduled so that theres always something happening somewhere. Your biggest problem may be... trying to figure out how you're going to be in 2 or 3 places at once. *Boo hoo*

  • If you prefer, you can have the 'extra indulgences' along with drink vouchers included with your reservation by choosing from the Premium Tier reservations. Most extras are included, the rest are discounted. More info on the e-shop event info/booking page.
  • More info on the way!
    Hotline: {678} 8-BIG40-5 | 678'824'4405
    Yes, it's true. This event is no longer taking place. The decision was made with a lot of factors taken into consideration. Outside of the circumstances beyond the control of the organizer(s), the most important factor was the targeting of our key demographic.

    We'd rather know we did everything we were supposed to do in order to bring you a spectacular event experience. This is an event that runs on reservations. This is how we know to prepare adequately for the attendees, so no-one who supports is left out of the full experience. Although the response of the people who were looking forward to the event is overwhelming... the response(s) came too late. How are we to know how many Atlanta Pajama Jam Weekend silk robes & slippers to have as surprise gifts, or how many complimentary bottles of champagne to have waiting for you in your room? Just by getting your reservation without waiting for the last minute, you become the key demographic. You ultimately end up paying less, but getting more out of the event.

    A lot of people are disappointed about the cancellation, but the fact stands... If you dont get up and support the things you like, you shouldn't bother to complain when you realize you cant have them.

    We're going to bring the full event and its already planned. The date & location will be locked in this coming week and we'll make the announcement and have super-earlybird reservations available WITH the ability to split it into monthly payments. We have our key demographic ready, so if you dont want to get left out or turned away due to capacity (because walk-ins get considered LAST), get locked in and if you have friends that want to attend, get them locked in too. We'll announce it through the newsletter in the event shop (just go sign up), and we'll make some announcements through social media. If you want in, you have to get in, and you might want to move swiftly this time around.